Name of the School: Saraf Public School

Postal Address: Lohia Head Road, Khatima, Distt: Uddham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand-262308


Telephone Number: 05943 250165

Affiliation Status: Provisional

Period of Affiliation: 01-04-2019 to 31-03-2024

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Teachers’ training is a very crucial aspect that needs to be taken care of in any institution. Teachers need to be given regular training opportunities in order to stay at the top of their game. Even the best teachers will begin to lag behind if they don’t continue to strive for excellence. 

In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills, our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organized by the school within the campus and by the CBSE in other towns, so as to improve their academics transaction skills and to update their capabilities.

In the academic session of 2019-20, teachers of Saraf Public School have attended different training sessions and seminars on numerous topics such as National Curriculum Framework 2005, Life Skills, Inclusive Education, Individual Subjective Pedagogical Strategies, etc.

In the academic session of 2020-21, the teachers attended different online training sessions conducted by CBSE such as Stress and Time Management, Gender Sensitivity, Adolescence Education in Teaching of Different Subjects, Experiential Learning in Different Subjects, Need of Value Education in School Curriculum, etc.

The school has also collaborated with Government approved online platform Diksha- Experiential Learning which will benefit the the teachers in enhancing their teaching process.

Academic Achievements: Due to the hardwork and combined effort of teachers and students, the students of Saraf Public School have shown their tremendous efforts in the AISSE and AISSCE conducted by CBSE. 

Detailed Analysis of AISSE: 125 students appeared in Class X CBSE Board Exam. Arushi Batra and Pratishtha Pandey topped in the school with 99.2%. They together bagged third position in the State. First five toppers of the school have secured position in the top ten topper list of the state. 35 students secured above 90%, 26 students secured above 80%, 24 students secured above 70%, 18 students secured above 60%, 12 students secured above 50%, 8 students secured above 40% and 2 students secured above 33%. 5 students scored 100% marks in Hindi, 1 student scored 100% marks in Mathematics, 5 students scored 100% marks in Science and 6 students scored 100% marks in Social Science.

Detailed Analysis of AISSCE: 78 students appeared in Class XII CBSE Board Exam including the stream of Science and Commerce. Akshat Chaudhary topped in Science Stream by securing 98% and also bagged the seventh position in the district. Harsh Garg topped in Commerce stream by securing 95.4%. Out of 78 students, 18 students scored above 90%, 32 students scored above 75%, 21 students scored above 60% and 7 students scored above 45%. 3 students scored 100% marks in English and 1 student scored 100% in Physical Education.   

Environmental Education in Saraf Public School

When it comes to incorporate Environmental Education in school curriculum, then Saraf Public School leaves no stone unturned in taking necessary steps to make it successful. The school has taken various initiatives in the session 2019-20 to spread awareness and mindfulness in every learner and staff member so that each one acts and reacts responsibly to protect the natural world.

Right from the Pre-primary years, learners engage in activities to encourage this, just to name a few like- planting a sapling at home and school, celebrating ‘Green Day’ wherein learners create and exchange messages to save the environment, participating in the ‘Best out of waste activity’, where waste/scrap materials can be restructured to create useful articles.

Schools have always been educating children with subjects like Environmental Studies but it is essential for educators to educate with practical work, drawing reference points from real life situations. Thus, Saraf Public School had initiated a number of activities in its 2019-20 academic session and some of them are as follows:

Segregation of waste at sources: Students were made to understand the difference between biodegradable and non biodegradable waste. Two dustbins were placed in all the classrooms and students were taught to dispose the waste in segregated manner.

Recycling of organic wastes:  A pit was dug where all the organic waste was recycled in compost. With the combined efforts of Science and EVS teachers, this start proved very fruitful and helped in maintaining a beautiful garden in the school campus.

Use of energy saving and energy efficient electric equipments: Every now and then the students are made aware to save energy and encourage them for sustainable development. Posters encouraging Save Energy are pasted on the walls. The tubelights of all the class rooms are changed into LED tubelights. The streetlights of the school campus also function upon solar energy.

Greening of Campus: It is a blessing for SPS to be located in the lap of Uttarakhand which is known for its greenery. Even the state festival of Uttarakhand, Harela, is a festival of greenery. Every year this festival is celebrated with great zeal and planatation is done by the students in the campus.

Use of solar Energy: The students are made aware about the solar energy through practical knowledge. The street lights that are installed in the campus function on solar energy.

Awareness Programs: Every now and then the school conducts seminars to aware the students about the environment and sensitize them to protect it. Importance of cleanliness and hygiene is always at the key note of school regimentation.

Every year Saraf Public School tries its best in imparting Environmental Education among its students. And in every new session the school tries its level best in achieving the goal and sets a new benchmark for the next year. 

Sports Achievements: In addition to academics, sports and games have always occupied an important place in our school curriculum.

  • Different types of sports held in CBSE clusters, like Athletics, Kabaddi, Taekwondo, Football, Basketball, Badminton, etc. our students participated in all these sports. Pavini Sharma &Pooja Karki bagged 3rd Position in Taekwondo.
  • Students also participated in Inter-School Football tournament held at Himalayan Progressive School.
  • Khel Mahakumbh, an initiative taken by the Govt. of India, has also given opportunity to the students to show their extravagant skills in sports. Sports like football, volleyball, Athletics, & Badminton were played. 4 girls and 4 boys of Saraf Public School made the school proud by bagging 1st and 2nd position respectively in Relay Race.
  • 8 Students of Saraf Public School bagged gold and silver medal at block level Badminton Mahakumbh. Yavi Singh and Tarun Viswakarma qualified for district level and there they bagged Silver and Bronze medal respectively.
  • 5 students of Saraf Public School have shown indomitable will atWako India Kick Boxing Championship held in Telangana. And 2 among them scored 1stposition, 2 scored 3rd position and 1 scored 5th position.
  • Tushar Dora of Class XI, had shown heroic performance in state level cricket tournament held in Haryana. His team scored 3rd position and he himself was entitled ‘Man-of-the-Match’.
  • Sports play a vital role in our life as it keeps us healthy and active and it is a right of every child to get indulged into it. Therefore, we celebrated Sports Day on 14th Nov. 2019. Different sports activities were organized for students from Nursery to XII. The winners were felicitated with medals. This day was marked with great joy of discovering inner talent of a child in the field of sports and games.

Innovation in Education: There isn’t any aspect of human life which is untouched by technology and so not the education. Technology is rapidly changing the way students learn and how instructors teach. So here in Saraf Public School we always try to connect education with technology.

Atal Tinkering Lab is a unique and distinguished feature of Saraf Public School which does not only benefits the Sarafians, but also the other schools of this region. Different workshops are being conducted to teach the young tinkers about the robotics, electronics, 3D designing and printing.

Wizklub is another distinct feature of Saraf Public School which helps in developing the ignited minds right from their very initial stage.

In order to clear the concepts of different subjects in a constructive and innovative manner, we take technical assistance from “Khan Academy”, an educational website.

Field Trips and Excursions: It has been an endeavor of the school to provide its students with ample opportunities to get experience of outside world by organizing educational tours and excursions.

  • All the students of Biology stream were taken to Biotech Bhawan, Haldwani, a place where crops are genetically modified and made them better in terms of quality.
  • Recently in the month of December, the students from Class VI to XII were taken to Delhi as an Educational tour. They visited IIT, Delhi campus and had interaction with IITians. They were also taken to National Science Center to make them understand the relationship between Human and Science. They too visited “Tech Corporation Ltd” to understand the function of an MNC. At last they visited Ambience Mall for entertainment.

School Houses and Clubs: The students of the school are divided into four different houses. “Red”, “Green”, “Blue” and “Yellow”. Each house is managed by teachers and students as a house captain, vice caption and house prefects. The house on duty performs its duty of conducting day to day activities and competitions in a systematic and disciplined manner. Inter House Dance Competition, Inter House Debate Competition and many inter house sports activity take place time to time in order to develop capacity and unity among the students.

Different clubs of Music, Dance, Drama, Art & Craft, Sports, Science and Literature are created by the school. Various co-curricular activities are held under different clubs to develop a child physically, mentally, morally and socially.

Guest Lectures: To ensure that our students are well equipped with knowledge to face any challenge, we have organized different seminars and workshops on special topics including Basic Life Supports, Health & Hygiene for girls, Leadership Skills, Life Skills, Career Counseling, Career Planning and Development etc.

Celebration of Days: A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by centering on some characteristics aspect and when it comes to celebration, Saraf Public School always gives preference to all the kinds of festival either it is a national festival, regional festival or cultural festival.

Independence Day, Teachers day, Gandhi Jayanti, Janmastami, Harela, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas etc. are being celebrated time to time with great zeal & enthusiasm.

The object of celebrating these festivals is to respect individuality and unity in diversity.

PTA Activities: Parents are a crucial part of Saraf Family. And here in Saraf, it is believed that no school activity can be accomplished unless the teacher and the parent go hand in hand. Therefore, the school always strive to conducts many activities where the parents and the teachers can associate with each other in order to know about the progress of the students.

PTM is conducted every month so that the parents may get regularly updated with their ward’s progress. Counseling sessions and Parent Orientation are also conducted at regular interval so that the parents may keep up pace with changing trends of learning and career goals.

POCSO Act: Guidelines related to POCSO Act were discussed and explained to all the staff members and their undertakings were also taken in this regard.

Other Achievements: There is no stone left unturned by Saraf Public School and we have always endeavored to shine like the brightest star in every field.

  • Saraf Public School has been recognized as a lead collaborator in hub of learning by CBSE. Therefore, 5 different schools of this region are being trained under the supervision of Saraf Public School to carry out their teaching learning process.
  • Saraf Public School is the only private school of this region, which had been entitled as an evaluation center by CBSE. And the Principal of the school was designated as Chief Nodal Supervisor (CNS). 8 Head Examiners and 200 Evaluators carried out the task of the evaluation of board exam answer sheets under the guidance and supervision of CNS in Saraf Public School.

Important SMC decisions:

Saraf Public School will continue its unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalities with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of this portal of education. We always try to make our students enough competent, so that they can stand confidently in any part of the world. This report is a sincere attempt to showcase our progress in terms of achievements and activities during the year.