Four-C Principles - Saraf Public School Four-C Principles - Saraf Public School

Four-C Principles

The co-curricular philosophy is governed by the following ‘four-C’ principles:

 i. Creativity

The world of arts brings together demanding teaching and the need for regular practice. Performances, celebrations, exhibitions, externally assessed examinations allow objectives to be set and progress to be measured such that our students are proud to demonstrate their talents.

 ii. Can-do spirit

It is through sport that each individual assesses his or her own ability and can compare himself or herself to others. Whether beginners or advanced competitors, each student learns about his or her own physical capabilities and how to be part of a team. SPS participates actively in inter-school competitions and requires its students to participate in expedition programmes during which they learn how to stretch themselves to their limits.

 iii. Community development

SPS students are privileged. They are called upon to share their time, imagination and energy with others. Projects within the local community along with humanitarian trips to some of the poorest areas of the region contribute to their education as compassionate human beings.

 iv. Culture

Young students discover their own culture spontaneously, particularly in terms of music; SPS aims to widen its students’ cultural horizons by encouraging them to observe and enjoy music and drama performances, to go on trips, to attend conferences, to participate in debates and to find a taste for a variety of things in all sorts of other areas from Indian classical music to culinary artistry, from politics to theatre.

At SPS, we intend commencement of several co-curricular related clubs from the academic session 2017-2018 onwards. Such clubs will help students identify their interest areas and bolster their innate strengths.