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Academic Infrastructure

i. Digital Classrooms

Our classrooms are much more than four walls and a roof. They are a purpose built learning environment that stimulates, inspires and promotes learning. They are relaxed, open, airy and conducive of sustaining a good frame of mind that is attentive and ready to absorb information and knowledge.

The spacious classrooms, of 452 sq ft area each, offer a warm environment to encourage mobility, teamwork and cooperative learning. The seating systems are ergonomically planned to promote good posture and comfort. The classrooms are systematically arranged in different layouts so as to prevent monotony in daily routines.

Classrooms are equipped with TeachNext Smart Boards with interactive audio visual technology to enhance learning and inquiry.

 ii. Library

The School library has a comprehensive collection of books ranging from academics to general as well as a host of other categories which are helpful for all our students to support the curriculum and remain in sync with the latest developments, academically and knowledge-wise. Besides, an excellent infrastructure for reading and studying purpose makes the learning process more conclusive. Library resources comprise books, magazines, and newspapers, videos, compact discs (music and audio recordings), DVDs and posters, together with Internet access facilities.

iii. Labs

Computer Lab

ICT is a valuable tool that supports learning, communication, thinking, planning and problem solving for all students across all curriculum areas and is integrated into everyday learning. We have 3 Computer Labs – Senior Computer Lab, Junior Computer Lab and Primary Computer Lab. Our computer Lab is equipped with the best technology and systems available. This benefits our students and encourages them to stay updated with latest news, information and trends, and ultimately ensures that our students are ready to go out and stay in pace with the world.

Science Labs

The three well-equipped science labs – Biology, Chemistry and Physics are designed, equipped and built to allow practical, hands on experimental approach for students to learn like scientists – through trial and error. Our State-of-the-art science laboratories are designed for optimal safety and imparts the best learning experience ever. It’s equipped with the tools and apparatus which help the learning process to be easier and quicker, making sure the students are scientifically up-to-date.

Math Lab

Mathematics Laboratory (Math Lab) has been designed as a unique place where students explore and learn basic and advanced mathematical concepts and verify mathematical theorems and facts by conducting a wide variety of activities. Such activities are carried out by the teacher or the student to explore, learn, stimulate interest and foster positive attitude towards mathematics.

iv. Auditorium

Multipurpose Auditorium with a capacity to hold up to 700 attendees at any point of time, our Auditorium has advanced amenities and is the ideal place for hosting special assemblies, occasional gatherings and annual functions. It gives a platform to implement ideas related to performing arts or sporting events, and comes with spec-compliant acoustics.